Das Mehl Pizza Very Italian, Very Different

Monday, December 30 2013

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Das Mehl
Gaußstraße 190
22765 Hamburg-Ottensen
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This place is called Mehl, German for ‘flour’ - yes, you read that right. Because that’s what this is about. It’s the basis of Hamburg’s most interesting pizza. With a thin crust just the way you know it from those holidays in Italy. And on this foundation the most delicious ingredients are spread and combined with each other like you’ve never tasted it before. Different, new, wild, delicious: white tomato sauce, truffled cheese, smoked duck, marinated salmon and veggies, and so much more. There’s always something new!

You can choose from a check list: cheese, vegan, meat, fish, vegetables, garlic, spice level - however, the final result is a culinary surprise. Those who are not big fans of surprises can choose one of Mehl’s fixed à la carte pizza. And for every pizza innovation there’s a recommended cocktail pairing that you should not tire to try!

I asked head chef Lennert about his secret. He looked at me with a big grin and said “You’ve got to pick up where others left off”. Because everything I mentioned above is secondary to the most important ingredient: love. This love is being served hot on wooden boards. And along come outstanding homemade fragrant oils: lemongrass, porcini, rosemary, lemon, vanilla… There’s always a new flavor bomb to explore. And beyond the pizza you will also find antipasti, pasta, salads and soups on the menu.

A 1920 rolling pin is still in use today and works just like a humming top. The world’s oldest semi-automatic clock is hanging on the wall. The concrete tables are designed and cast by a close carpenter friend and the benches are made from old scaffolding slabs. Industrial lamps from old factory buildings adorn the ceiling and subtle vinyl sounds come up from behind the counter. Post-dinner nights fade away easily at the bar, lulled by the dim light of an old globe and the soothing of a good drink.


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Das Mehl Pizza – Very Italian, Very Different
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