Marlies Möller Salon A modern classic

Tuesday, October 20 2015

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Monday till Friday 9.00 -18.30
Saturday 9.00-16.00


Marlies Möller Neuer Wall
Neuer Wall 61
20354 Hamburg-Inner City
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The women at the large white reception desk at Marlies Möller welcome me with radiant smiles and accompany me to my seat. The highly modern exterior facade of grey shale had already given away what kind of interior awaited me on the lavish 1.000 m2 floor: cool and classy, black and white colours dominate and the lighting is staged to flatter the face, as a glance in the mirror proves.

Verena Nehls is taking care of my hair today. Experienced and charismatic, she dedicates herself to my blond tuft and offers competent advice on colour and cut. I immediately trust her and let her do her thing. Cutting hair is anything but tedious here: left in its dry state, cut sometimes sitting, sometimes standing, with hair gathered on the top of the head or at the neck – or “casual styling” as Frau Möller has a habit of saying.

“This is the only way I can really see how the hair falls and if the cut works in each position,” Verena Nehls informs me. That makes sense. The strands are separated with cotton, not foil, and the tint applied to the teased hair. The very special, tried and tested Marlies Möller technique reigns here, but current trends are also taken into consideration. Right now these lean towards a natural look, so my hair now has a golden tone, as if kissed by the Californian sun.

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I leave the salon with notably shorter hair. Normally a cause for panicked breathing, but not when you’ve left yourself in the hands of these highly professional hairdressers who work accurately and devotedly. And so I walk out more than happy to check myself out in every passing mirror.

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Marlies Möller Salon – A modern classic
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