Liedloff A True Fashion Gem

Thursday, October 31 2013

Opening Times

Montag bis Freitag 11-19 Uhr
Samstag 11-17 Uhr


Hegestraße 19
20251 Hamburg-Eppendorf
.How to get there


0049 40 47 75 64

Weitere Filiale:
Große Bleichen 21
20354 Hamburg

Despite relinquishing all advertisement and media use ever since their opening in 1995, the Eppendorf fashion store has developed quite well among Hamburg’s boutiques. One example could be that owner Pepe Liedloff is actually an economist and a banker who had always strived to open up something of his own - his exquisite style and taste made entering the fashion business a little easier for him. Or the fact maybe that his store was the first one to bring Patrizia Pepe’s fashion to northern Germany. And to this day, Liedloff continues to be the biggest seller of the Florence based fashion label. I would describe Pepe’s fashion as casual, yet feminine and classic, with many little details.

But beyond that, you’ll find pieces by SET, American Vintage or beautiful shoes by Alberto Fermani as well as jewellery by Alles Aus Liebe. ‘Very straight and yet a litte Rock’ is what Silke Dippold, store manager, says of the shop’s style. ‘Our collections are always contemporary, somewhere in the mid-range price segment’. With the best help by your side, you’ll definitely find a favorite piece in here, something special you’ll still wanna wear in 10 years.

Liedloff-Boutique-Eppendorf-Patricia Pepe (6)
Liedloff-Boutique-Eppendorf-Patricia Pepe (1)

It’s almost impossible to pass by this shop without even window shopping and, many times, even go in to buy something. And good things go around quickly, not even ads can keep up with a good word-of-mouth.


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