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Landhaus Jenischpark A Temporary Home

Saturday, March 14 2015


Landhaus Jenischpark
Jürgensallee 124
22609 Hamburg-Flottbek
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What matters more than anything when moving to a new city? Well, first of all, a place to call home. If for some reason, however, renovation work on your new household is taking longer than expected, you might need to look for a temporary solution on quite short notice. I speak from experience, as I am currently occupying one myself. I have to bridge a three-week phase living away from home, so I figured I'd better get something nice. After all, I wouldn't want to get homesick right away.

The Elbe suburbs are residential gems with great connection to the more vibrant city of Hamburg. The beaches offer the chance to dive your feet into the sand and observe the boats afloat. Jenisch-Park is one of the suburbs green lungs with the lodge-like Landhaus Jenischpark situated right in the heart of it. While it used to accommodate farm workers back in the days, it has been refurbished and repurposed to now offer a temporary home for people like myself who still searching or just visiting for a longer period.

Landhaus Jenischpark Apartments Flottbeck Schlafzimmer
Landhaus Jenischpark Apartments Flottbeck Wohnzimmer
Landhaus Jenischpark Apartments Flottbeck Küche
Landhaus Jenischpark Apartments Flottbeck Badezimmer
Landhaus Jenischpark Apartments Flottbeck Ofen
Landhaus Jenischpark Apartments Flottbeck Außenansicht

The spacious apartments are equipped with a living room, kitchen, bath- and bedrooms and are overall arranged with a lot of care. With enough towels available in the bathroom, generously sized couch and bed, a solid kitchen equipment and even a walk-in closet, there's not much more missing to make this a real home.

The one difference from your own home, however, is the service. Whether it is a fax you're trying to send, a printout or anything else you might need help with: the team at the reception of Landhaus Flottbek, a group of homes including Jenischpark, will find a solution to every problem big or small. A terrific service that I have already come to appreciate!

Those who do not wish to prepare their meals on their own are welcome to dine at the nearby restaurant 'Zur Flottbeker Schmiede', offering mediterranean food until 10pm, or visit the Landhaus Flottbek a bit further down to have a seat in the old stables. I imagine this to be especially beautiful in summer. I'll make sure to return on a warm summer night to have dinner in the middle of the cottage garden. I can't wait for summer to arrive!

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Landhaus Jenischpark – A Temporary Home
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