Küstensilber Exciting concept store in the Stadthöfe

Tuesday, November 28 2023


Kuestensilber Concept Store Stadthöfe
Große Bleichen 37
20354 Hamburg-Inner City
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+49 40 46961292

Beautiful, simple, tongue-in-cheek and fresh designs from the world of fashion, living and art are brought together in the Kuestensilber concept store in Hamburg's Stadthöfe. Owner Clementine Schmodde curates what she herself loves for her customers and aims to inspire them to surround themselves with beautiful things in their everyday lives.

Smart and creative designers gift us with their ideas, attitudes and work. What constitutes good design and beauty is open to debate. We, therefore, turn to someone who must have known something about it: Leonardo da Vinci. The quote is attributed to him: Simplicity is the highest form of sophistication.

This quote fits well with the selection that can be found in Kuestensilber. Here, high-quality materials and minimalist forms are successfully combined. All the pieces and products are selected at national and international trade fairs and combine beautiful items from Scandinavia, Italy, France and small German manufacturers.

Exclusive labels with individual collections, high-quality materials such as cashmere and sustainable production are Clementine Schmodde's passion. In addition to well-known designers, she also consciously opts for young fashion and living labels that have their own history.

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For example, the wonderfully coloured glasses with sandblasted patterns from Dutch manufacturer Polspotten. Or the garments from Rabens Saloner. The garments from this label are made and dyed by hand, making each item a unique product with unique pattern variations and colours.

Like all the labels on offer in Kuestensilber, the Bloom label takes the sustainable route. Yarns and fabrics from Italy, Mongolia and Peru are processed to the highest standards to create long-lasting favourite pieces. Pure cashmere, extra-fine merino wool and alpaca combine comfort and well-being.

Customers can also purchase their favourite pieces from Merz beim Schwanen, Libertine Libertine, Copenhagen Studios, Blue de Genes, 10Days, Stoff Nagel and other selected labels. We think it's extra special that all these labels charge fair prices commensurate with the quality.

Incidentally, Kuestensilber is not only the name of the store but also that of Clementine Schmodde's silver jewellery collection. For her pieces, she often uses maritime motifs such as shells, starfish, corals or anchors, emphasising her connection to Hamburg, the harbour and the sea. Her collection is characterised by soft, supple lines and a closeness to nature.

We recommend visiting Kuestensilber to go on a voyage of discovery and unearth your personal treasure.

Küstensilber – Exciting concept store in the Stadthöfe
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