Roland Roure Dreamy Objects of Wood and Tin

Saturday, April 27, 2013


Roland Roure
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The works of French artist Roland Roure are filled with joy, poetry and wit. They're scenarios of child-like imagination, created from things that were lacking any meaning and association before. They astonish and light up a smile on everyone's face. It's been nearly 20 years now that I've started collecting the Souther France residents' pieces.

Born in La Loupe en Eure et Loire in 1940, Roure started his career in 19732 with a line of children's toys that quickly developed into highly praised pieces of art. Europe and the US have dedicated numerous exhibitions to him and his œuvre ever since.

Seemingly orchestrated by accident, his scenes oftentimes look like thoughtless makeshifts when at second sight you recognize how well thought through every little detail is. Made from wood, wire, tin, paper and colors, the little creations take on a life of their own as if in an abandoned dream.

I've grown especially fond of the Knight of the Roses, a piece I wrote about for Berliner Morgenpost today. With his striped shirt, the knight is an integral part of every joyful evening with friends at our home and immediately wins everyone's heart. A silent observer that constantly reminds me not to take myself or life in general too serious!


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Roland Roure – Dreamy Objects of Wood and Tin
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