Julice en Rêve A trip around the world for a silk dress

Sunday, April 15 2012

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Julice en Rêve
Goethestraße 36
12459 Berlin-Oberschöneweide
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It only takes ten minutes by S-Bahn to get from Friedrichshain to the Berlin suburb „Oberschöneweide“ but it feels like a trip around the world. Still this fact is about to change, thanks to commercial policy. It might take a while until the banks of the river Spree at this area become a shopping boulevard, but the perfect outfit can already be bought on site.

The young Berlin label Julice en Rêve opened up its studio/shop in a boutique at a corner of a housing estate from the 1930s. It offers affordable designer garments made in Berlin in limited editions. The Designers Alicia Losekandt and Juliane Binroth put as much emphasis on the conception of the shop as they put on the Swiss lace details on their designs.

Underneath an antique bird cage one can roam around the range of garments and accessories, that reconcile apparent opposites as elastics and silk, fake fur and genuine leather with an eye for elegant understatement.

Berlin has gained one more attraction! To Peackock Island you go for the Peackocks, to Oberschöneweide you go for Julice en Rêve.

Gastautor Jo Keel

Julice en Rêve – A trip around the world for a silk dress
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