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Monday, February 07 2022

Love is like cheese - it comes in every conceivable form: soft and round, tangy and firm, fresh and smooth. Well, the comparison may be a little lame. However, I still associate sensuality and generosity (both qualities that, in my opinion, are good for any love) surprisingly often with a collection of Camembert, mountain cheese and Roquefort. Best garnished with a handful of nuts and pear wedges, plus some fig mustard and a good glass of wine - voila, I'm happy. 

And indeed, eating cheese is supposed to make you happy, as it is full of zinc, potassium and other nutrients. If that's not a good reason for a lavish cheese platter. It's also referred to as a grazing board when it is overflowing with all kinds of goodies - a sight straight out of the land of milk and honey.

In Australia, for example, hardly any event can do without a grazing table. Lenja from Feasts of Eden also loves the delicious sight of them - as well as the hospitality. She now regularly puts together grazing tables and boards for her small catering business, selects high-quality ingredients, prepares them with love - and not only pleases the eye but also the palates of her customers.

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Cheese variations made from cow's, sheep's and goat's milk as well as the finest charcuterie such as salami or ham are often the centre of attention. Still, it's also no problem to make a grazing board completely or partially vegetarian or vegan. Lenja drapes delicious sourdough baguettes, grissini and crackers on top. And of course nuts, dried fruit, fruit, antipasti and various homemade dips and chutneys. At Feasts of Eden, these vary according to the season. 

The team at Feasts of Eden delivers the fantastically prepared cheese platters, as lavish as a baroque painting, both as a catering service and in the smaller version as delicious boxes for you to put together yourself; As a gift for a loved one or as office catering.

We put together our grazing board in our office with the delicacies from Feasts of Eden. We garnished Camembert de Normandie and Spanish Manchego with various nuts such as pistachios and walnuts, plus salami and a tender Serrano ham.

We served dried tomatoes, crispy rosemary crackers and fragrant sourdough baguette. Dates and apricots provided a sweet balance, and a small glass of olives was not to be missed. Finally, we added a few freshly sliced apple and pear slices (a dream with the Manchego!). 

Lenja also offers brunch grazing tables filled with croissants, avocado, salmon, banana bread and much more. Grazing Trays are a little smaller than a whole table but look just as good. The platters are perfect for celebrations of all kinds, e.g. for nibbling canapés and snacking at midnight, but also as a mature snack, as in the form of a romantic picnic setting.

With its enchantingly beautiful and delicious Grazing Tables, Feasts of Eden offers exceptional catering for special occasions, events or even weddings - there are even couples who prefer an actual cheesecake made of whole cheeses over a wedding cake. Well, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach - and cheese closes it.

Tip: The Grazing Tables are great for a cosy date night, for example, if you don't necessarily want to go to a restaurant for Valentine's Day. Feasts of Eden offers a Valentine's Day special.

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