Badezimmer Potsdam Resistance is futile in this Beauty Haven

Thursday, November 24 2016

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Badezimmer Potsdam
Gutenbergstraße 18
14467 Potsdam
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+49 331 88 71 41 40

Everything in Badezimmer Potsdam is beautiful. Each individual cup, flask, and dispenser, the store itself, but more than anything the philosophy behind all of it. Aside from a very few exceptions, only products made entirely of natural ingredients and free of animal testing find a place here.

The two owners have found something for everyone: women, men, pubescent teens, and even small children and babies. From fine perfumes to hygiene and shaving, all the way to special supplements for problematic teenage skin, they've brought together the best and most effective products from around the world.

Such as London company Votary's number one cleanser, which advanced to best-seller in the United Kingdom when word got out that Kate Middleton uses it as well.

Or Julisis, the Ferarri of natural beauty brands, and their unique products made from Italian herbs and root extracts processed using the science of alchemy and the most elaborate manufacturing processes.

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We discover Själ, a small, exclusive brand from New York, whose deliberately limited product range assembles a mother-daughter team using principles of Chinese healing.

I purchase a fragrant candle from Voluspa, a Los Angeles candle maker that use a complex process to produce candles made of coconut and soy waxes. As a result, they burn much more cleanly than traditional candles and can even be used as a moisturiser in their liquid state. The opulent jars are also a spectacular eye-catcher.

There's also Kypris, a luxurious vegan skin care line from Arizona, or Iles Formula from Australia, which has created a hair care series made of just three products that work for every hair type, noticeably and tangibly repairing hair.

Men will delight in the exquisite shaving equipment as well as fragrances and care products from exclusive brands such as New Zealand’s Triumph & Disaster, Austria's Saal & Co, London label Truefitt & Hill, and Malin + Goetz from New York.

We're also taken by the unique creams with an olive oil and beeswax base, made for the whole family by oh-lief from South Africa. This little gem in the middle of Potsdam's Altstadt is its own exciting journey across the international world of beauty!

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Badezimmer Potsdam – Resistance is futile in this Beauty Haven
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