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Tausend Cantina by Dae MonCeviche in the Back Room

Monday, September 30, 2013
Tausend Cantina by Dae Mon Berlin Mitte Interieur
Opening Times

Tuesday till Saturday from 19.30
(closed on Tuesdays until 17. July)
Summer break from 18. July to 28. August

Address Bar Tausend Cantina by Dae Mon
Schiffbauerdamm 11
10117 Berlin-Mitte
How to get there
+49 30 275 820 70

Ceviche meets black pudding, just as Lima meets Berlin. In the back room of Bar Tausend fusion cuisine experiences a whole new dimension and it's not a surprise that Tausend Cantina by Dae Mon has been recommended by restaurant testers.

Dining in a restaurant without windows on a warm summer evening? Absolutely! And, it should be said right away, I'd do it again and again. The back room of the wonderful Bar Tausend, in a modern black scheme with low lighting, has always kept a culinary record. But the change that came a few months ago was carried out quietly.

They wanted to transition quietly, but that really wasn't necessary. The Berlin Gebrüder Eggert, along with ideas and inspiration from German-Peruvian chef Juan Danilo, developed a unique and very exciting concept for the manager of Dae Mon at Monbijouplatz and Cantina's new partner: "Contemporary Cuisine from Lima and Berlin."

Peru has a number of culinary treasures to offer – including some brought over from Asia, particularly Japan – the tall, blond Danilo explains. Often a little too rustic for him, he prefers modern interpretations, just as you'd see in Lima's own trendy restaurants.

Tausend Cantina by Dae Mon Berlin Mitte Soup
Tausend Cantina by Dae Mon Berlin Mitte Steak
Tausend Cantina by Dae Mon Berlin Mitte Suppe
Tausend Cantina by Dae Mon Berlin Mitte
Tausend Cantina by Dae Mon Berlin Mitte Fleisch
Tausend Cantina by Dae Mon Berlin Mitte Vorspeise
Tausend Cantina by Dae Mon Berlin Mitte  Sorbet
Tausend Cantina by Dae Mon Berlin Mitte Dessert

Quinoa with mango, avocado, mint, and a passionfruit dressing. Ceviche composed of Faroese salmon with lime-passionfruit sake, basil, blackberries, and raspberries. The latter is a prime example of the head chef Kay Schacht's knack for culinary shenanigans, which he enjoys playing with and constantly refining in the open show kitchen.

The appetizers are enough to satisfy and fill – small portions are a no-go, gorgeous arrangements a must. But you do have to leave room for entrees like the head cheese with lemon salt, cauliflower, or Jerusalem artichoke with butternut squash, baby aubergine, corn, red beet, and kaki.

To fit the "contemporary cuisine from Berlin" rubric, which the brothers Eggert threw into the Cantina by Dae Mon melting pot and is a reflection of Danilo's love for the German capital, blood sausage with sweet potatoes, leek, and lime can be found on the menu.

It's not a finale without a little Peruvian kitchen lesson: we get to try "chulpi", a yellow corn used as a crispy topping on matcha cheesecake that comes with frozen mango, mint, and fennel. Tausend Cantina by Dae Mon has been nominated for "trendy restaurant 2016."

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Tausend Cantina by Dae Mon – Ceviche in the Back Room
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