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Sunday, March 09 2014


Seefeldstrasse 225
8008 Zurich-District 8
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0041 79 675 19 88

Appointments upon request.

Admittedly, sport is, and has never been, a big passion of mine. Until now I have actively paid for membership in fitness clubs but only ever passively worked it off. At the end of the day, and to overcome such hardship, a personal trainer was in question.

Luckily a good friend brought Stefan Vetter to my attention. She recently started training with him, twice a week, and boxes! Boxing?!? Yes, boxing. It sounded so absurd that I was intrigued. So I decided to make his acquaintance.

The way led to the historic Tiefenbrunnen mill. Before I crossed the railway tracks leading to the mill, I glanced back at the Zurich Lake. The view from here is simply wonderful. The daily grind behind me turned somewhat tranquil. Stefan greeted me cool, calm, and collectedly with a friendly, slightly playful smile. Could he already tell that I haven’t really done any sport since school?

Then he showed me his fitness studio, called 'Kraftmühle'. Stefan shares the studio with three other personal trainers exclusively for their personal training clients. Two of the trainers were coaching at the moment. The room is bright and simple. It appears that they have focussed on the essentials needed.

And so I began my personal training session with Stefan Vetter. With a professional questionnaire, he surveyed my current health status and my fitness goals. He listened carefully and I had the feeling that it would be a very individual session, geared to my needs.

Then we started with the first exercise, a challenge involving trying to balance on a board, which had a round metal pipe underneath. Starting is always difficult. But it was actually really fun. Stefan demonstrated various other exercises, taking care to provide a well-balanced training session.

The workout is effective, varied and demanding. At the same time, Stefan is personable as a trainer and as a person. We were also able to discuss other things aside from sport and training.

As I left the Kraftmühle, I was in good spirits, completely relaxed and noticed that Stefan’s ease and calmness had rubbed off on me. Of course, I had already booked another session. Perhaps I'll turn into a fitness freak after all.

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