Das Hofkino Summer oasis at Landesmuseum

Tuesday, July 12 2022

Opening Times

Back in 2024: from 13 june to 7 july

Monday to Sunday: 10:00am - midnight


Museumstrasse 2
8001 Zurich-District 1
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This summer, the open-air cinema at Landesmuseum Zurich offers an exceptional ambience within historical surroundings. Here, interested cinema-goers can expect not only exciting and entertaining film highlights such as 'House of Gucci' or 'The Last Duel' in the courtyard cinema.

Food stands of well-known restaurants and pop-ups offer delicious, plant-based dishes and refreshing drinks as well as creative cocktails at the Davide Campari Bar. Even without a cinema ticket, the courtyard's gastro area is open. From early morning until late evening, the purely plant-based gastro concept can be tried out.

Anoah, for example, offers fine paella with lots of vegetables and pulses, tapas and other vegan surprises. Dar also focuses on Spanish and Moroccan cuisine, and Samses, together with Lima Limón, serves Peruvian specialities, from fresh lunch bowls to the classic curry sausage with potato salad.

Nomads serves plant-based dishes with local ingredients in organic Demeter quality, as does Now, whose motto is clearly 'more taste, less waste'. On the other hand, Danish pastries are a speciality of the White Rabbit bakery. Whereby the focus of every food provider is clearly: versatile and vegan, regional and seasonal. 

Das Hofkino Zuerich (1)
Das Hofkino Zuerich (2)
Das Hofkino Zuerich Eduard Meltzer (1)
Das Hofkino Zuerich Eduard Meltzer (2)
Das Hofkino Zuerich Eduard Meltzer

Parallel to the culinary delights, the open-air film screening begins in the evening at around 9:30 pm. It is also possible to combine a meal and a visit to the cinema. With the Flick & Flavour offer, a 4-course menu is included with the ticket, with a specially reserved and attended seat in the gastronomy area and a cinema seat in the covered area.

Combining food & drinks with an open-air cinema in a setting steeped in history and under a starry sky offers pure summer enjoyment - right in the middle of the city.

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Das Hofkino – Summer oasis at Landesmuseum
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