Marks Feinkost High-quality delicatessen in Bogenhausen

Wednesday, August 30 2023

Opening Times

Monday to Friday: 8:00am - 8:00pm

Saturday: 8:00am - 3:00pm


Marks Feinkost
Kufsteiner Platz 3
81679 Bogenhausen
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+49 89 215 376 90

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From fresh baked goods and tasty soups to selected meat and fish specialities, vegan food and wines: Marks Feinkost in Bogenhausen offers an exclusive range for gourmets.

Since its opening in 1961 on Kufsteiner Platz, Feinkost Marks has been considered one of the top addresses in Munich for gourmets. In addition to crisp vegetables and fruit, there are fine baked goods and an excellent selection of cheese, sausage, fish, seafood and meat from regional producers and selected manufactories. In addition, there are beautifully packaged specialities on the shelves - from spirits to chocolate products.

The adjoining restaurant in Marks also scores with daily changing dishes such as avocado wraps, salmon tartare or tomato couscous.

Visually, the delicatessen is reminiscent of an American deli without losing the charm it had when it opened in 1961. The modern interior is inspired by retro elements as well as original furnishing rarities from New York and Paris.

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But it is not only the ambience and the exquisite selection of tasty things that make Marks so unique but also the exciting life story of the founder, Helmut-Franz Mark. He fought for his life as an Air Force radio operator during the Second World War and then, as a native Pole, for acceptance in Germany when he opened his first grocery shop in Coburg.

It was only when he moved to Munich that the success came that marks Mark's delicatessen as a place of good taste to this day.

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