Ballabeni Icecream Because München is Italy's northernmost city…

Wednesday, July 06 2016

Opening Times

Monday till Sunday: 11.30-22.30


Ballabeni Icecream
Theresienstraße 46
80333 Munich-Maxvorstadt
.How to get there


+49 89 90 54 41 86

It was only by chance that I originally heard of Ballabeni: back when I was a student, my bike route to university led me past a seemingly endless line of people one summer afternoon. They didn’t lead to the then newly opened Museum Brandhorst, but rather to a store I couldn’t quite make out behind the crowd across the street.

"A new ice cream parlour opened up over there," my friend mentioned. Curious as to the reason why dozens of adults would willingly queue for half an hour in the glistening heat for "just" a scoop of ice cream, I soon joined the never-ending line myself. But as soon as I held my portion of "lemon basil" in my hand, I understood — such incredible ice cream is a true rarity in München.

While other ice cream parlours all too often brand artificial colours and excessive aromas with flashy names, Ballabeni offers natural taste explosions that are more than just “sweet.” Giorgio Ballabeni, the grand master himself, is the one responsible for this. After studying economics at Padua, he began his career in the gelato industry as a mere hobby to prove that he wasn’t the only one who found his creamy creations to be delicious— a stroke of luck for all of München!

Ballabeni Icecream München - Fruchtsorbets ohne künstliche Geschmacksverstärker
Ballabeni Icecream München - Inhaber Giorgio Ballabeni
Ballabeni Icecream München - Die beliebteste Eisdiele der Maxvorstadt
Ballabeni Icecream München - Die Eis-Werkstatt in der Seidlstraße

Giorgio’s wife Lorella and son Alberto, who are on par with him in terms of culinary artistry, also support him and the business. The family company serves more than fifty kinds of fine sorbets and creamy gelatos, which alternate daily from March to October.

And for some time now those who have become addicted no longer have to suffer withdrawal in winter. Even during the cold months you can visit Giorgio’s "workshop" on Seidlstraße and learn the secrets of ice cream making through a course.

His fine creations have been sold by partners of the company for a while now as well- just more evidence that Ballabeni ice cream is amongst the best in the city.

I’m convinced that waiting in line on Theresienstraße, full of expectations, is what makes the Ballabeni experience perfect! The time can be used to catch up with a good friend, for example. So put on some comfortable shoes and get to it!

And if you don’t want to wait that long, check out the aforementioned workshop. It’s still a little secret that the sensational creations are available for sale there as well…

Ballabeni Icecream – Because München is Italy’s northernmost city…
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