Ocean Story Jewellery with a Piece of Home

Tuesday, September 05 2017

I very rarely feel connected to an accessory like I do my new favourite bracelet from Hamburg jewellerylabel Ocean Story, which young goldsmith Rebecca Anna only recently founded. With a splendid idea! She designs jewellery as pieces of home to be worn.

You can’t always live in the same place your heart calls home, but now you can at least carry the coordinates of your favourite location with you, either on a bracelet or necklace. Inspired by treasure chest coins, the latitude and longitude are surrounded by a name, picture, or symbol of home. In gold or silver; on a chain or a blue, grey, or black band; long or short — anyone can find the perfect fit.

Rebecca Anna loves the sea, where she was struck with the idea for her first jewellery collection three years ago, which has since become a well-known anchor bracelet: yarn made from recyclable sailing rope connected with a silver or gold anchor.

The Nordrhein-Westfalen native lives in Mönchengladbach, but her heart lives in Hamburg. “I love that you can see the water from almost anywhere in Hamburg, I find the openness very inspiring.” That why her first piece of jewellery had the coordinates for Hamburg.

Ocean Story Schmuck aus Hamburg-4
Ocean Story Schmuck aus Hamburg-2
Ocean Story Schmuck aus Hamburg-5
Ocean Story Schmuck aus Hamburg-9
Ocean Story Schmuck aus Hamburg

Rebecca Anna now offers Co° Ordinates from Sylt to Ibiza, from Lake Garda to the Seychelles, and for individual requests as well. But Hamburg remains the bestseller of the collection — and no wonder, given that it was recently named one of the ten most beautiful cities in the world.

"Everyone has a favourite place in the world and there’s nothing more beautiful than being able to carry this place with you," Rebecca Anna says, and she’s right. I get happier with every glance at my wrist! Not only because my home coordinates blink back at me, but because I’m wearing such a beautiful bracelet.

Ocean Story – Jewellery with a Piece of Home
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