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Frau Dr. Schneiders Grilled Cheese Wonderland Give cheese a chance

Wednesday, November 16 2022

Opening Times

Thursday to Saturday: noon - 10:00pm

Sunday: noon - 6:00pm


Frau Dr Schneider´s Grilled Cheese Wonderland
Seilerstraße 40
20359 Hamburg-Altona
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Good news for friends of the perfectly grilled cheese sandwich: since April 2022, there has been a grilled cheese sandwich temple in the heart of Sankt Pauli - Frau Dr. Schneider's Grilled Cheese Wonderland. Here, Helena offers her sandwich variations, for which only the best ingredients are used on the bread and grill.

The cheese for the deliciously toasted sourdough bread triangles comes from Käse Kober, affineurs from Itzehoe who know and love their craft. The sourdough bread is baked especially for Helena by the wood-fired baker in Sauensieck. Because to grill a good sandwich, you need the proper bread. It shouldn't be too fluffy, but not too firm either. The sandwich creations come from Helena herself, the menu is compact, with an ever-changing sandwich of the month. From Philly Cheese Steaks to Mac'n Cheese and a vegan model, good, tasty cheese does go without animals.

I get to watch the jam being made for the bacon jam sandwich on the day of my visit. Helena cooks, fries and grills fresh in her little shop. She learned her passion, cooking, in Michelin-starred restaurants. She lived and worked in Switzerland and London, gave cooking classes for Jamie Oliver's cooking school, among others, and one day realised: I want to do my own thing.

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No sooner said than done. After moving to Hamburg, she sold her sandwiches at markets from a market stall. Since Helena is a professional, it soon became clear: another solution was needed. An old bakery sales van she bought via eBay classifieds was converted, furnished and painted bright pink. The Dr. Schneider Food Truck was born.

Since 2015, the pink cheese sandwich mobile has been rolling to festivals and events of all shapes and sizes. Helena loves being on the road to spoil her guests with good sandwiches from the truck. Her shop in Sailerstraße is also, not surprisingly, pink. In a few weeks, Helena's stationary Wonderland in Sailerstraße will be expanding. In the shop next door, the extension of the restaurant is being built in bright, fresh lime green.

We sum up: Looks good and caresses the taste buds. Our advice: go there and have a barbecue.

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