Black Splendid Concept Store in Frederiksberg

Tuesday, December 16 2014

Opening Times

Monday to Friday 11.00 am - 6.00 pm
Saturday 10.00 am - 4.00 pm


black womenswear
Gammel Kongevej 105
1850 Copenhagen-Frederiksberg
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black menswear
Gammel Kongevej 103
1850 Frederiksberg c

During my visit to Copenhagen a few weeks ago, after an excellent lunch at Granola's in Frederiksberg, I discovered the equally good concept store black. We started off in the men’s wear store that is located a few buildings away from the main shop. My male company instantly became nervous, they couldn’t keep their hands off the soft cashmere sweaters and casual button-downs in the shelves, they smelled Comme des Garcons fragrances, ogled at phone cases by Neri Firenze, and were over the moon for pieces of e15’s lamp and furniture collection.

It soon became clear that someone in this place had an excellent taste and a great sense for picking the right pieces out of any collection. Each of the displayed labels is genius per se, but put together they make for an unbeatable combination. We spent what felt like forever in this relatively small store before one of the employees sent us over to the ladies’ department only for us to find out that we’d only seen a taste of it all.

I could hardly stop swooning. A concept store like a light-flooded treasure chest, filled with extraordinary fashion, shoes, high-quality manufactured bags and dainty jewelry. Along come hand-picked home accessories, books and magazines. As I do a lot of work-related travelling, it seems to become harder to discover new things every time. The world has come so much closer that it seems the only difference that’s still being made is the way a store presents itself, not, however, what it sells. That is not the case here.

Virtually all pieces exhibited on hanging rails are key pieces that could very well be used to turn just about any basic into something phenomenal. For the most part I read labels of designers unknown to me, but I kept taking and turning each piece to examine it from each angle. The labels show names such as Margaret Howell, Minä Perhonen or more familiar designers such as Sofie d’Hoore and Comme des Garcons.

A selection of beauty products by Santa Maria Novella of Florence is lined up on a long table, next to countless vases and bowls by Danish designer Anne Black. Dainty glassware by Austrian Zalto that I've been eyeing ever since I discovered it during a visit at Berlin's Les Solistes is staged next to linen napkins and tablecloth by Society Linen and silverware by Kay Bojesen. Continuing, this admirable selection further includes fragrances by Laboratorio Olfattivo, glasses by Mykita and multicolored socks by Maria La Rosa.

Definitely arrange for a detour to Frederiksberg when you're in Copenhagen. Only a few houses down the road from black lies the exceptional Meyers Bakery deli that you shouldn't miss out on either. Fantastic bread, mouth-watering specialties and extraordinary packaging.

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Black – Splendid Concept Store in Frederiksberg
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