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Wednesday, December 22 2021

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Saint Charles Apotheke
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When it comes to physical and mental well-being, we have been going to Pariser Straße in Wilmersdorf with confidence for years. At Saint Charles Pharmacy and Saint Charles Complements with the adjoining Hideaway, the focus lies on advice and holism. To this day, we know of no more comprehensive and holistic health and beauty concept than that of pharmacist Sabine Oeverhaus-Zeeck.

The human being is considered here in its entirety. For this reason alone, Saint Charles Pharmacy is so much more than a place to get medicines. Of course, you can also get conventional medicine here, but it is supplemented at Saint Charles Pharmacy by highly effective natural products, high-quality trace elements with high bioavailability, holistic approaches such as phyto- and aromatherapy. They are mainly covered by Saint Charles' own products and product lines, which are exclusively available in Saint Charles stores.

These use the findings of traditional European medicine in combination with modern knowledge from naturopathy. For example, effective herbs and plant extracts from the Alpine region are used in the company's own products: pansies, lime blossoms, lemon balm, yarrow. From facial care to toners, oil blends, various baths and hand cream, everything for a beautiful, well-groomed appearance can be found here - neatly lined up in tasteful apothecary bottles adorned with the Saint Charles logo. A rod of Asclepius, crowned by a sun.

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It is also dedicated to aromatherapy with various scents or combinations of scents. At the Saint Charles pharmacy's fragrance bar, you can take a whiff. Alpine Swiss pine is often used, as it clears the air and has a calming effect. The many tea blends also immediately catch the eye, such as the shivering tea - just the right thing at the moment - also lined up in ornate apothecary jars.  "It's nice that different approaches are combined. One does not exclude the other," one of the consulting pharmacists explains to us, "on the contrary. It's important to look at the person as a whole, not just focus on individual symptoms."

"That's why we consult a lot and ask where causes can lie, whether there are connections. We focus and not just on the superficial." Each of the Saint Charles pharmacists has her expertise. They complement each other well and therefore also like to consult together. For example, with bioidentical hormones for infertility or menopausal symptoms. Intestinal health is also a big topic, because the immune system is formed there.

The focus on advice is extremely appreciated by customers - as is the preventive approach. The question is: What can I do to feel good in my body for as long as possible? To this end, it is not only important to eat a healthy diet and take in sufficient nutrients, but also to apply healthy products to the skin. After all, it is our largest organ.

It is the center of attention a few steps further on at Saint Charles Complements. From the very first moment, the positive energy of this oasis of tranquility flows through you. You are welcomed here warmly, a pleasant fragrance envelops you and gives you the immediate feeling of focusing on your own well-being. The caring and decorative natural cosmetics, which are carefully collected in the Saint Charles Complements, can contribute a significant part.

Just like next door at the pharmacy, Saint Charles Complements pays attention to the selection of products to ensure that they meet the sustainable, holistic and ecological demands of the Saint Charles world. The ingenious nail polishes from Nailberry, for example, which not only cover a beautiful color spectrum, but also have a nourishing effect and last up to a week.

Or the Pharmos Natur cosmetics and spa line, which uses only aloe vera juice as a base instead of water. Pharmos Natur's high-quality products are also used for facial or body treatments at Saint Charles Hideaway. The day spa is located in the backyard of Paris Street and is the perfect place to retreat to when you need a break from the stressful daily routine. This is also a significant contribution to self-care; to feeling good in a sustainable way.

And since a soothing environment also contributes to this, Saint Charles Complements also offers enchantingly beautiful glassware from Portugal and cozy home textiles, of course dyed with harmless colors and embroidered by Indian women's collectives, which are traded fairly by Van Verre. Here, too, the motto is mindfulness: everyone involved in the chain of action should be remunerated accordingly, and the environment should not suffer as a result of consumption. Holism is by no means one-dimensional in the Saint Charles world.

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