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Restaurant JdaburgA Stronghold of Enjoyment

Friday, March 13, 2015
Jdaburg Restaurant Zürich Interieur
Opening Times

Tuesday till Friday 11:30-14:00 and 18:30-24:00
Saturday 18:30-24:00

Address Restaurant Jdaburg
Gertrudstrasse 44
8003 Zurich-District 3
How to get there
+41 44 451 18 42

For weeks we have been looking forward to an evening, for once without children, all to ourselves. Although our last visit to the restaurant Jdaburg was quite a while ago, I remember it well: a mix of cosy parlor and a French country house; loquacious, but not loud; romantic without being kitschy. The perfect place for a relaxing evening.

Even the hosts I remember well. Anne and Daniel are in fact anything but typical gastronomes. They themselves serve the guests and are best friends. You can feel it. And consequently, the guest also has the feeling of being among friends.

As we entered the restaurant, I took a deep breath in: nothing had changed. The crowd is mixed - whether one is in jeans or suit plays no role here. There are many lovely details: a red metal basket with fresh bread is brought to the table, placed next to the handwritten menu, together with a small bowl of olive oil and thyme, and one with sea salt. With these small details, I was already won over.

Jdaburg Restaurant Zürich Tische
Jdaburg Restaurant Zürich gedeckter Tisch

"Sometimes less is more" written above the wine menu, and that suits me just fine. There is a small but fine selection of wines by the glass. We ignore the Spanish and Italian ones for once and decide on a Zurich Pinot Noir and a Portuguese Meruge Tinto - a good choice. The menu is also limited - and yet we can hardly decide. Finally, I choose the Tuna Tartar and avocado with lemon olive oil and wasabi mousse, whilst my companion opts for the mango carpaccio buffalo mozzarella as starters. Honestly, seldom have I consumed something so delicate, yet simple.

The Jdaburg - thank God - is far from the experimental kitchen. I opted for fish and, as a main, ordered the sole with cottage cheese mashed potatoes and chard vegetables. The sight of the fish sprinkled with pink pepper and thyme made my mouth water. My companion looked a little jealous, until his lamb fillet in parmesan crust with saffron risotto arrived and he was heartened. And when he took the first bite, he was over the moon. The secret of Jdaburg? The quality. The innovativeness. The utmost avoidance of anything chichi.

About half-past eleven, when the guests have gone from eating to espresso, Anne sat down with us. She radiates with a rare enthusiasm that only people who have fulfilled their dreams have. And yet there is something rueful in her eyes. "We're closing mid-April," she explains. After six years the two friends will hand over Jdaburg to a successor and will embark on a new challenge. You can sense that the decision they have made was not an easy one. "It's as if I would give up a child for adoption. But we should all know when to stop when something is at it’s most beautiful".

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Restaurant Jdaburg - A Stronghold of Enjoyment
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