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Thursday, September 10, 2015
Opaque Confiserie München

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Opaque Confiserie
Holzstraße 5
80469 Munich-Isarvorstadt
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+89 20 32 51 62

Finding Opaque Confiserie tucked away in one of the many hidden courtyards of the Glockenbachviertel is an act of sheer serendipity- or, as in my case, a lucky tip from a good friend. If you're not explicitly searching for it, the signs pointing to this land of milk and honey are easy to miss, but taking the detour through the archway at Holzstraße 5 is more than worth it!

As I enter the small store I feel as if I've landed in a scene from Chocolat, with Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp ready to enter at any time. Behind the counter, owner Ivana Stork is sorting sheets piled high with all different types of chocolate delicacies. "Oh, good thing you’ve arrived- I have something here that you simply must try!" is the first thing she calls to my companion and me and before we know it an arrangement of dark, light, and white chocolate is spread before us, adorned with watercolour designs and saturated with aromas the likes of which I've never tasted.

Opaque Confiserie Pralinen München Praline in Herzform
Opaque Confiserie Pralinen München orange Praline
Opaque Confiserie Pralinen München changierende Praline
Opaque Confiserie Pralinen München grüne Praline
Opaque Confiserie Pralinen München rote Praline
Opaque Confiserie Pralinen München Inhaberin

"These are our Fourrés, a nearly forgotten specialty from France which we've newly interpreted and brought back to life," the confiseur explains. Among the sinfully delicious squares on our plate I taste pistachios, caramel, and salt. Salt? Yes, and with olive oil! But what sounds so strange as a combination becomes perfectly clear on the tongue.

"Always sweet? That’s so boring! I love taking my products in a different direction than the classic patisserie and surprising people with them,"she says. It's a matter of utmost pride that she only uses the best ingredients in her creations. Ethical sourcing is particularly close to her heart. Along with notable corporate clients, regular customers from all of Munich are the reason she puts so much passion into her work. "To just be happy for ten minutes, to do something nice for yourself, to enjoy something knowing that the production line is flawless… That is what I sell with my chocolate."

Shortly before we leave, an older woman enters the store. Clearly a local regular, as her personal order is already waiting for her. With a huge smile she opens it, whispering to me in a conspiratorial tone, "Pardon me, but I'm afraid I'm about to make you terribly jealous…” Rest assured, instead of jealousy I can only feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that Ivana Stork’s philosophy has something to it: with enough passion and quality ingredients comes not just first class praline, but moments of pure bliss.

Opaque Confiserie – Backyard Chocolatey Explosions
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