Authentikka The warmth of India at heart

Tuesday, March 21 2023

Opening Times

Tuesday to Friday: noon - 3:00pm & 5:00pm - 10:00pm

Saturday & Sunday: noon - 10:00pm


Schinkelstraße 2
22303 Hamburg-Winterhude
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We were invited to the opening of the second Authentikka location in Hamburg for lunch to get a picture of this restaurant in the heart of Winterhude.

In the new restaurant, Sonja and Tarun have been breathing life into the beautiful shop on the corner of Gertigstraße and Schinkelstraße since February 2023 with authentic Indian cuisine, lots of verve and warmth.

Nothing was left to chance at Authetikka II. Studio Lineatur from Berlin is responsible for the furnishings, branding and selection of the entire interior.

Sonja and Tarun want to offer the guests of the Authentikka an authentic Indian experience in all its diversity, without serving clichés. To realise this idea, contemporary aesthetics and nostalgic elements were combined.

The space is divided into two areas representing two sides of Indian culture. On the one hand, you can make yourself comfortable in Crafty Mumbai Nostalgia, the part of the restaurant that represents India's traditional and elegant side. Here, mahogany-coloured wood and warm grey tones dominate.

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The other part of the shop conveys the colourful and vital side of the country with materials such as cardamon green linoleum, hand-glazed tiles and oiled oak. The careful design extends to the menu illustrations and the staff's clothing.

We enjoy our lunch with a beautiful view of the hustle and bustle of the busy Gertig Street. The kitchen at Authentikka is the kitchen of Tarun, who loved nothing more than to watch his mother cook as a child. These experiences shaped his love for traditional Indian cuisine. You can taste this love, which he says fills his heart and stomach when you sit down to eat at Authetikka.

Authetikka's menu features classics like pakoras, tikkas, naan, roti or street food like katcha dabeli, a bun filled with sweet and spicy potato mix, pomegranate seeds, peanuts and coriander.

We start with Cauliflower Popcorn (7.50 euros), crispy cauliflower with sesame seeds and chilli marinade. Served with some freshly baked naan and a homemade drink of mint, lime and ginger. Very refreshing.

The Tofu Tikka Masala (16.50 euros) tastes excellent in the second course. The marinated organic tofu melts in your mouth, tastes spicy and round. The vegetables are crunchy, and the spicy tikka masala is finely and warmly seasoned. As a side dish, we enjoy fragrant, juicy basmati rice. A homemade ice tea made from lemon, mango and peach invigorates us.

For dessert, we choose a North Indian speciality called Firni (7.20 euros), a pudding made from rice flour, cooked with almonds and sweetened with cardamom. Another spicy chai with oat milk, and the rest of the day can come. The stomach and heart are deliciously filled.

If you visit the restaurant's attractively designed website, you can get an impression of how seriously Sonja and Tarun take the issue of sustainability. After all, in their home country, the consequences of climate change are being felt particularly strongly in the form of water shortages, among other things. And so they try to farm as locally, sustainably and waste-free as possible.

All the more reason, then, to find your way to this beautiful restaurant with the finest authentic cuisine and warm-hearted hosts.

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