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Lokal 1 Creative local cuisine on Hamburg’s Schanze

Sunday, February 02, 2014
Lokal1-regionale kreative  Küche-Schanze (4)

Opening Times

The restaurant has been closed!


Kampstraße 25-27
20357 Hamburg-Schanzenviertel
How to get there


+49 40 49 22 22 66

price level

€ € 

One thing I’m sure about: I will be talking about this restaurant for a long time. “In love with our products” is written on a big slate inside Lokal1 on Kampstraße - you can see and taste that! Hagen Schäfer and Robert Wullkopf get all their ingredients from no less than 45 local farms, they even do some of the butchering themselves and the concept of getting in regional products only is not just commendable, it’s something they actually enjoy, too.

We’re sitting on Hamburg’s most comfortable chairs. The walls are neatly plastered with concrete, the interior is sheer, a beautiful shade of grey is dominant. The only splash of color comes from the jazzy paintings by Hamburg painter Elmar Lause.

The menu confidently offers no more than 6 courses that come with optional wine pairings, German ones exclusively. We went with the golden mean and put together a 3-course menu. The appetizer was creatively different yet fuss-free, true eye candy! I ordered the Baltic cod with three kinds of cauliflower and watercress, pure joy! My friend was just as pleased with his choice of four variations of black salsify and was surprised by how much you can actually do to that little root. The salsify soup with chestnuts was his absolute favorite.

Lokal1-regionale kreative  Küche-Schanze (3)
Lokal1-regionale kreative  Küche-Schanze (5)
Lokal1-regionale kreative  Küche-Schanze (2)
Lokal1-regionale kreative  Küche-Schanze (1)

Gnocchi made of Gunda potatoes served with a mushroom paté, shiitake and oyster mushrooms are served betweenn the main courses. We were so focussed while we’re eating, you did not hear a single word. The main dish stood out against the others: braised beef brisket with kale and green beans wrapped in ham - so tender, so good!

Sometimes I tend to panic when I can’t find salt or pepper shakers at hand, but at Lokal1 no additional spicing is needed, everything is seasoned to perfection. In this urban setting, you can actually still get some of the best rustic homemade soulfood. Hagen Schäfer and Robert Wullkopf created something unique here: a restaurant that inspires you to cook more yourself, a place inviting enough to stay a while, and something for everyone to swoon over.

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Lokal 1 – Creative local cuisine on Hamburg’s Schanze
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