Traditional goose for St.Martin Culinary challenges left to the professionals from Charlotte&Fritz

Tuesday, November 09 2021


Restaurant Charlotte & Fritz

Charlottenstraße 49
im Hotel Regent Berlin
10117 Berlin
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+49 30 203 38

The "Goose To Go" offer is valid from 11.11.2021 to 26.12.2021

198 € per Goose including Side-dishes for 4 people

Ready to be picked up in the Regent Thermobag + 10 € deposit

5 days preorder minimum: 


Via phone: +49 30 203 38

Via Mail: ...


Latest order: 21.12.2021.

Traditions are something almost sacred to many people. The goose feast on St. Martin's Day on November 11 is one of these cherished traditions, as it heralds the season of light and, not least, of charity - and of roast goose. 

Few culinary undertakings present such a challenge as the perfect roast goose. You can certainly get help from a professional. That's why the Charlotte&Fritz in the Hotel Regent is offering "Goose to Go" this year. 

The geese for this all come from Wistedt near the Lüneburger Heide, where the poultry lives in the open air. The farm takes care of the parent animals as well as the rearing and feeding up to the slaughter of the animals. 

The kitchen team then conjures up a fine roast of the extra class in the Charlotte&Fritz on advance order. To the goose there is completely traditional apple red cabbage, chestnuts, dumplings and sauce for four persons. You can order the goose package five days in advance and pick it up at the hotel reception to enjoy at home.

Incidentally, according to legend, it was the geese that betrayed St. Martin: Out of modesty and respect for the high office of bishop, he said, he hid in a goose coop before his appointment. But the loud cackling of the animals was unmistakable... 

Whether St. Martin's goose, Advent goose or Christmas goose, of course, you may decide, because the offer is valid from November 11, 2021 and until December 26, 2021, with the last order acceptance date being December 21.

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Traditional goose for St.Martin – Culinary challenges left to the professionals from Charlotte&Fritz
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