Gorilla Bakery A new brunch experience in Schöneberg

Wednesday, June 15 2022

Opening Times

Daily: 8:00am - 6:00pm


Gorilla Bäckerei
EUREF Campus 1
Torgauer Straße / Dominicusstraße
10289 Berlin-Schöneberg
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Small and exquisite, the Gorilla Bakery has been supplying Neukölln's Schillerkiez with delicious baked goods since 2020. In defiance of Corona, the bakery has made its way into the hearts and stomachs of Berliners with its lovingly handcrafted bread, pizzas, pastries and more, produced in an open bakery. So much so that the founders Frithjof and Matteo expanded to the west in April 2022 and opened another Gorilla Bakery on the new EUREF campus in Schöneberg.

So, delicious organic baked goods are now available not far from the Schöneberg S-Bahn station. But that is by no means all. On the much larger premises compared to Neukölln, there is now a modern, loft-like café where you can have breakfast, lunch, and brunch with constantly changing dishes - in good weather and on the impressive terrace. The design is cool but tasteful, designed by Mathilde Gaudin, with natural wood elements and handmade Moroccan tiles complemented by light walls and concrete columns.


We start our Sunday brunch with an espresso while we wait for the selection that chef Memo puts together for us. Meanwhile, we let the atmosphere take its toll on us. Considering that the Schöneberg Gorilla Bakery opened only a few weeks before, it is very well attended. Despite the hustle and bustle, you don't sit too close to each other in the spacious interior. Through a window, we watch the bakery working on the dough for the wonderfully fragrant pizzas. But we are not here for those today.

Our table fills up quickly until there is hardly any room left as we sample a range of brunch delicacies. Where do you start? Sweet or savoury? That's quite a philosophical question at brunch. We decide on savoury and go straight for the asparagus pancake. It's really something special: vegan, like almost the entire brunch, topped with glazed onions and a fermented habanero sauce, as well as a garnish of pickled fennel. Delicious!

The kitchen emphasises seasonality and regionality, with dishes changing about every two months. Organic and Fairtrade quality is also desired at Gorilla Bakery. For the "Responsible Guacamole", the avocados are sourced from fair cultivation in Spain and Italy and are therefore also seasonal. To reduce the amount of avocado, they are mixed with peas. This works wonderfully and also looks beautiful garnished with wild herbs.

The crispy potatoes with cinnamon tomato sauce and chilli are reminiscent of tapas and stand out with a robustly smoky flavour. The herb mushrooms in saffron-orange polenta, on the other hand, have an oriental touch. In combination with the delicious Gorilla sourdough bread, this brunch makes you feel full and happy.

For Memo, formerly the owner of the BKS restaurant (now Barra), it was essential to create an original restaurant concept, especially in the brunch sector, which is strongly developed in Berlin. In addition to the quality of the ingredients, he is concerned about using as few animal products as possible and ensuring that customers don't miss the meat. Poached eggs are optional, and meat is currently only available as a chicken dish, which we will not be eating this time.

So our brunch remains vegan, apart from the labneh with lime leaf oil and carrot-ginger butter of the Breakfast Board. Labneh and butter, meanwhile, take us in a sweet direction with which to end our visit. Also on the Breakfast Boards is a flamed sumac orange: an exciting combination of sweetness, acidity and spice. For "dessert", we treat ourselves to another breakfast dish. Overnight Oats with cashew and oat milk, maple syrup, cranberries, granola and strawberries. Filling are as delicious as they sounds.

By mixing an open, modern bakery with a brunch/lunch café, Schöneberg's Gorilla Bakery fills a gap in the area. During the week, there is a lunch menu and various snacks, which we will try out next time. Offering ice cream is also being planned. We are excited!

Gorilla Bakery – A new brunch experience in Schöneberg
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