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Wednesday, June 01 2022

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Monday to Sunday 8-17


FREA Bakery
Gartenstraße 9
10115 Berlin-Mitte
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+49 30 138 970 68

A bakery display can only make you happy (unless, of course, you suffer from gluten intolerance): crispy croissants, fluffy brioche, oily, shiny focaccia, and deliciously topped sourdough rolls. Behind it: fresh bread that hardly requires more than water, salt and good flour - that should also be possible without waste and without animal suffering...

The idea behind Frea Bakery naturally stems from the same concept as in Frea Restaurant: "We want to act just as sustainably, animal product-free and waste-avoiding in the bakery as we do in the restaurant," explains owner David Suchy, "and thus also make a difference in the bakery trade."

To make Frea Bakery's delicious baked goods, for example, whipped aquafaba, (chickpea water) is used as an egg substitute. For many other baked goods, however, even that is not necessary. Otherwise, you would need so much aquafaba, "people couldn't eat that much hummus," David laughs.

So for the fluffy, only seemingly buttery Maritozzi, soft sourdough brioche buns with a creamy, sweet cocoa butter-oat milk filling, oil is used, for example, just as it used to be made in the south of France. Margarine is also used instead of butter. As far as the products used in the kitchen are concerned, Frea Bakery attaches importance to seasonality and regionality, just as it does in the restaurant - and to the Gersi composting machine, which recycles all leftovers. 

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Nevertheless, no one has to do without the beloved avocado bread: "People always think the world will end if we eat avocados, but that's not quite true. We look at where the product comes from and who grows it. We get our organic avocados via crowd farming from Málaga in Spain," David explains. As a result, the avocado sandwich tastes twice as good.

When it comes to recipes, however, Frea Bakery draws inspiration from everywhere: Mushrooms al pastor, hummus, of course, or pastries from Denmark, such as the Kardamom Spandau - the reminiscence of Copenhageners probably is no coincidence. You should also try the focaccia - a dream made of olives and their oil. Frea Bakery also pays a lot of attention to the fact that the flour for the sourdough rolls and the house bread is milled from regional grain to revive the taste of German grain.

The modern, bright dining room and many plants add to the good feeling. Frea Bakery is also a lovely place for breakfast and lunch, the range of baked goods has been expanded to include some popular breakfast classics like porridge or breakfast plates, and there are two lunch dishes daily - vegan, of course.

Some things are not perfect, such as packaging, "but we are trying with producers to get many products in larger packaging. This is still difficult to implement for many companies, but it is good to know that the companies are also willing and eager to change something. The whole thing is a lengthy process. The goods, however, are already as they should be: delicious. 

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