Gourmet Food Made in Berlin

In the rubric Food Products we present food of high quality. For the best Baumkuchen check out Rabin, a former provider of royals, for "Splitterbrötchen", a special kind of rolls, the bakery Hacker is the best. Erich Hamann and Süßkramdealer sell sweets and chocolate. Mani di Fata has excellent handmade pasta. Anna Durkes is a good choice for handmade ice cream. For liquorice look for Schwarzes Gold. For Barbecue sausages and meat you should try the Fleischerei Bünger, for tarts and cakes Albrecht's Patisserie and Les Patisseriers des Sebastien. What else do we recommend? Gluten free cakes, Berlin Gin, salad dressings by Blattgold and kitchen utensils like the Zitronenpresse by Presto.

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