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Wednesday, May 21 2014

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Cape Times Coffee Room
Saarbrücker Str. 30
10405 Berlin-Mitte
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+49 30 486 23 085

Admittedly, it wasn't the wonderfully fragrant, freshly brewed coffee by Berlin's own master roastery Andraschko that had me fall for 'Cape Times Coffee Room' in an instant. It wasn't the South African-inspired pulled pork or beef brisket sandwiches, perfected with traditional chutneys, either. The vegetarian salads, that are made with love and based on recipes by the crew's South African favorite cafe 'The Kitchen' from Cape Town, were literally mouth-watering indeed, but they were not the pivotal point.

What had me fall into euphoria was this beautiful, seamless fusion of über-urban Berlin and South African sense of living. A very inviting interior, far from wooden giraffes and somber masks, that melted right over into the shop extension. With selected interior and fashion accessories, this was by far the most tasteful African craftsmanship I have ever seen. Ceramic products “wonki ware” from the city of Geroge, for instance, featured in white and pastel colors, or the collection of fine baskets that I would have loved to just take home with me altogether.

There are breathtaking cotton ribbons that I demanded by the meter, and an abundance of recycled wood frames that used to be the staple Cape Times owner Benjamin Rüggeberg based his store on 7 years ago. Born in Germany, raised in South Africa, he missed his southern lifestyle so badly upon returning to Germany that he decided to bring a piece of it with him.

The frames by Luna Design, were very popular and slowly but surely the product range grew by fabrics and textiles, basketry, ceramics and jewelry. Berlin Buch was home to a new warehouse, with a tiny store right next to it. Towards the end of last year, Vanessa von Klitzing joined the team with Gabriela Lück following shortly thereafter. They launched an online shop and now, finally, there is a steady locale in Mitte that combines cafe and shop, bringing us a veritable piece of Benjamin Rüggeberg's beloved South Africa. And you'll love it too!

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Cape Times Coffee Room – From South Africa with Love
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