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Taverna OusiesGreek Hospitality at its Best

Monday, April 22, 2013
Taverna Ousies Grieche Berlin Grunewaldstraße Schöneberg Restaurant
Opening Times

daily 17.00

Address Taverna Ousies
Grunewaldstraße 54
10823 Berlin-Schöneberg
How to get there

Unbedingt reservieren!

Taverna Ousies has been getting rave critics from several parties around me. It's a place of constant good vibes and brilliant food. Last night, a couple of friends finally decided to take us with them.

When we entered the Greek restaurant on Grunewaldstraße in Schöneberg around 8pm, we were welcomed with the best mood indeed and the food proved to be just as good. The restaurant was at capacity, the crowded tables were so close to one another, yet you could hear nothing but cheerful voices.

The overly friendly patron welcomed us with a big smile. Athanasios Gortsas is a restaurant owner with all his heart and manages the crowd of guests like no other. If you don't find an open table immediately, you will be greeted with a warm welcome and some cold ouzo. And then… Well, then there's no way out. You will find yourself caught up in a Hollywood-style scene of a Greek tavern.

Good-tempered waiters hustle their ways through the tables, carrying heavy loads and serving up mediterranean specialties one after the other. Fresh bread and exquisite olive oil are just the beginning, followed by a multitude of appetizers and then entrées until there's not an inch of space left on the table.

Taverna Ousies Grieche Berlin Grunewaldstraße Schöneberg Interieur
Taverna Ousies Grieche Berlin Grunewaldstraße Schöneberg Gastraum
Taverna Ousies Grieche Berlin Grunewaldstraße Schöneberg Einrichtung
Taverna Ousies Grieche Berlin Grunewaldstraße Schöneberg Tische
Taverna Ousies Grieche Berlin Grunewaldstraße Schöneberg Bar

Distinguishing between appetizer and entrée is not a high priority during all this. You get what you want and then you try a little bit of everything. All accompanied by the house's own table wine and Greek joie de vivre.

Greek specialty dishes are simply spiced yet full of flavor and well-prepared. The vegetables are crisp, the fish is fresh and there's generally no such thing as too much garlic in the spreads and pastes. I especially liked the fried anchovies and Skordalia - mashed potatoes with garlic, vinegar and olive oil.

With its authentic cuisine, it was the perfect place for a fun night out with friends. We will definitely come back!

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Taverna Ousies – Greek Hospitality at its Best
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