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Jubel feine PâtisserieSweet Carnival of Aromas

Monday, October 05, 2015
Jubel Feine Patisserie Hufelandstraße Berlin Auslage
Opening Times

Tuesday till Friday 11.00-19.00
Saturday + Sunday 11.00-18.00

Address Hufelandstraße 10
10407 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
How to get there
+49 30 552 161 50

It's been thirteen years since master confectioner Kai Michels together with long-time coworker Lucie Babinska of the Rutz wine bar opened the doors to their joint cafe JUBEL in Prenzlauer Berg. Kai Michels, originally a trained chef, later worked as a confectioner in Berlin Michelin restaurants Rutz and Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer. Alongside their heavenly cakes, the pair also caters to events, weddings, and family gatherings in back rooms, regularly sweeten up meetings in surrounding offices with their multilayered creations, and were a part of this year’s Food Clash Canteen.

What makes the tiny kitchen so special is Kai Michel’s knack for playing with ingredients of greatly varying textures, bringing unexpected aromas together, and uniting everything in one large spectacle. Externally they maintain a very understated aesthetic, leaving out all manners of kitschy decor and making their products impressively contemporary. This appearance leaves only a hint of what delights await the next person to fall in love, bite by bite, with the sweet delicacy.

Jubel Feine Patisserie Hufelandstraße Berlin Theke
Jubel Feine Patisserie Hufelandstraße Berlin Tresen
Jubel Feine Patisserie Hufelandstraße Berlin
Jubel Feine Patisserie Hufelandstraße Berlin Etagere
Jubel Feine Patisserie Hufelandstraße Berlin Innenraum
Jubel Feine Patisserie Hufelandstraße Berlin Tisch
Jubel Feine Patisserie Hufelandstraße Berlin Eingang

Fig cakes with date-bacon-crumble, lightly peppered and seeped in seasoning, with marinated figs atop a radiant white creme and wonderfully crisp base. Or yesterday’s favourite: goat cheese cake adorned with small, crispy apple slices “out of mum’s Brandenburg garden”, refined with thyme, frosted with streusel, candied lemon zest, and with an oozing honey gel inside. Quite the mouthful in more ways than one! But not to forget are the chocolate rolls with creamy mousse, finely ground macadamia nuts, and a paper-thin base of cornflakes, nougat, and sherbet- absolutely unbelievable.

Even classics like cheesecake, carrot cake, or the “opera slice” stand out from those of their competitors by a mile. Even the decor is not just there to look pretty, but to add extra layers of flavour. So go, refresh and enjoy yourself! It’s worth every bite!

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