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Friday, October 25, 2013
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This Shop has closed down!

Luisa Hecking's Shop had been on my list of 'places to go' for creme berlin for months, but every time I was to make my way to Mulackstraße something came up. When my future partner for 'creme zürich' came for a visit, she desperately wanted to go there. So, there was the perfect reason to cast an eye over the pretty much most unique selection of scarfs.

After a few minutes in this purist store it’s clear, here is someone with passion at work. Luisa is obviously one of these people, who have made their passion into a profession. Displayed on poles, dolls and shelves there is not one cloth that doesn’t look like a kind. Asking Luisa for help, finding the perfect piece for you, she conjures with such enthusiasm one pad after another from the seemingly inexhaustible fund that you want to take all the same in the end.

The repertoire ranges from small single-colored woolen scarves to oversized silk scarves with incredible prints. There are classic Cashmere shawls to be a daily companion, but also scarfs that, wrapped around the head, complete the perfect styling at your next party.


Between all the textile works of art, you can also find the trendy jewelry by designer Ina Beissner and bags by Luisa Hecking herself, which she started it all with. Designed by her and manufactured in Switzerland, a black evening bag in particularly has impressed me. It is timeless and still sexy - literally, the object of my desire! Closely followed by a Cashmere shawl, that serves not only as a scarf, but can also we worn around shoulders like an item of clothing.

We have a look at some woolen plaids from Scotland and admire the by Luisa lovingly illustrated price signs in the window. Switzerland captures a gold bracelet and we are happily on our way further down Mulackstraße.

Hecking – Handpicked scarfs, jewellery and bags
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