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Goldhahn & SampsonA Storybook Shop

Friday, March 27, 2015
Godhahn Sampson Kochbücher Feinkost Berlin
Opening Times

Monday till Friday 8.00-20.00
Saturday 9.00-20.00

Address Goldhahn & Sampson
Dunckerstraße 9
am Helmholtzplatz
10437 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
How to get there

Long before Berlin joined the ubiquitous food craze, Goldhahn & Sampson opened their Prenzlauer Berg store in 2006. Goldhahn & Sampson are the owners and “truffle pigs” Andreas Klöckner and Sascha Rimkus.

After a few tough years in the food industry, they decided to continue working with food their very own way. The result is a store that's been enriching the city's food scene for more than eight years now and has been established so well that a second shop will open up in the West this fall. Wilmersdorfer and Mommsenstraße will be the location. But let's not get ahead of ourselves...

You haven't even been filled in about what this unique store actually does. To make it simple: cookbooks, provisions, wine and spirits, kitchen utensils and every kind of cooking class you could think of. A concept store for foodies. Gourmet heaven.

Their standards are set high in each area. While not all food has to be organic, for instance, they require only the best in quality and ingredients. From that French unpasteurized butter to their selection of cheese, pâtés, preserves and spices – even their selection of bread is hand-picked nationwide.

Goldhahn und Sampson Feinkost Kochbücher Berlin Brot
Goldhahn und Sampson Feinkost Kochbücher Berlin Käse
Goldhahn und Sampson Feinkost Kochbücher Berlin Öl
Goldhahn und Sampson Feinkost Kochbücher Berlin Pasta
Goldhahn und Sampson Feinkost Kochbücher Berlin Senf
Goldhahn und Sampson Feinkost Kochbücher Berlin Konserven
Goldhahn und Sampson Feinkost Kochbücher Berlin Zutaten
Goldhahn und Sampson Feinkost Kochbücher Berlin Weinauswahl
Goldhahn und Sampson Feinkost Kochbücher Berlin Bücherregal

A process that is not far from curating art, by the way, and that is done here with an unparalleled amount of passion. At least one of the owners can always be found at trade fairs or on vineyards, visiting manufactures or street markets. Equally impressive is their range of cookbooks presenting national cuisines from around the world as well as books on nutrition and its forms. About 4000 books are available, 1500 of them in English.

The adjacent kitchen is where the classes come to life: from Egyptian and Israeli-Palestinian to Chinese, Persian or Filipino cuisine, you'll find an event for everything. English-speaking classes and nutritional classes on topics such as veganism or raw eating are offered, too. If you're lucky, you could even catch authors presenting their newest publications in person.

This shop offers endless possibilities, which makes us even happier about a second one of its kind opening up this fall. The new space will offer 9 working spaces with individual stoves, as well as the entire range of wines and food specialties. Hopefully, they will also be getting that Five Elephants Cheesecake and coffee by Andraschko because each of those is reason enough to return. Time and again.

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