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GlasklarTransparency for Berlin!

Opening Times

Monday till Friday 11.00-18.30
Saturday 11.00-16.00

Address Glasklar
Knesebeckstraße 13/14
10623 Berlin-Charlottenburg
How to get there
+49 30 313 10 37

For many years now, Glasklar has been the go-to-place for shapely glassware in the city. Over a period of two decades, previous owner Jan Hinrichs has been putting together a selection that is without equal. Wine glasses, decanters, storage jars and anything you can think of – made of glass – you'll find it here, arranged neatly across the shelves.

Wagenfeld Design come next to no-name products, a tiny salt shaker next to a big cylindric vase. Cake stands with dome, canning jars and delicate bottles for oil and vinegar – you can finally stop looking for househould staples. The store has been there for more than 30 years, and for two years now, a new manager is in place.

For Monika Krause, it was love at first sight. And so she didn't even think twice about taking a chance when Hinrichs, due to his age, looked for a successor to take over. The concept has remained the same. You'll still find functional, transparent glassware. At Glasklar, it is less about the brand, more about the shape.


A few novelties, however, have been brought in. The cash only-policy has been left behind for excample, so debit cards are accepted now, and the selection of products has been expanded by 30%. Their staple selection of glasses will be maintained, as they've been there for over 20 years, but products like vases will come in new shapes every so often.

Currently on for sale: the 'Chemex Coffeemaker'. A German chemist invented this coffeemaker during the 1920s in the USA, where it is now available at almost every organic store. A special paper filter extracts the bitter principles and leaves you with an unbelievably mild-tasting coffee experience. There's a reason why this secret has long been unveiled among Mitte-baristas.

Glasklar will launch an online store sometime soon. But here, too, the principle will be quoting Hinrich: “The special thing about my store is that we do not have anything special!” - Simply put, great!

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Glasklar – Transparency for Berlin!
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