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Detox Delight's Berlin store has been very busy so far. The staff gets up early every morning to start washing, chopping and juicing fresh fruit and veggies for their delicious Detox Smoothies and Meals. Daily delivery of fresh menus like Juice & Dinner Delight, Juice Delight Detox and Juice & Soup Delight starts at 7 AM sharp.

It's been a year since the Berlin branch opened up, inspired by its popular forerunner in Munich, and rising demand proves the concept to be successful. Notable support also comes from Hollywood actor Tim Robbins, who ordered Botanical Delight for his recent stay during the film festival, and French fashion label Sisley, resulting in a lucrative collaboration.

Those who have tried a low or no-carb diet before are familiar with the big effects of small nutritional adjustments. Not to mention the even bigger improvements, physical and mental, of a 5-day Juice-only diet! Unfortunately, many people lack the time to prepare these little health bombs on a regular basis. Detox Delight does just that for you, and the result gets delivered to your door daily.


Having said that, there is no excuse left for not jumping at the chance this time.

And since group activities are much more fun and motivating, you can now join 7-day Detox Treatments on the island of Mallorca, bringing out the best by combining detoxifying regimen and the Brain-Body-Balance therapy.

Detox Delight – Berlin purified!
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