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Altes Zollhaus Regional since the very beginning


Opening Times

Thursday til Saturday from 18.00


Altes Zollhaus
Carl-Herz-Ufer 30
10961 Berlin-Mitte
How to get there

On a rainy spring evening, long after our last visit, we decided to have dinner at Altes Zollhaus in Kreuzberg. The food has always been really good and up to this day our family swoons over their Crema Catalana that was an integral part of every meal we had there.

The restaurant has been running for 25 years, which is why it recently underwent renovation. We were welcomed out of the rain into the warm and cozy. It smell of homemade gravy and we found a table right by a windown overlooking Landwehrkanal.

The menu, changing on a four to six week basis, offers exclusively regional Berlin-Brandenburg dishes. The only exception: Crema Catalana, thank god they never take it off the menu. Contrary to the current hype, this kitchen has been focused on regional and seasonal produce ever since the restaurant’s early days.

The menu is reasonable, seven appetizers and entrées each, three mid-courses and a few desserts. We ordered and got an on point pike-perch fillet on a bed of warm tomatoes and a salad of wild herbs, as well as a bowl of asparagus stew with wild garlic dumplings. They had us at the first bite.

The following entrées are pike-perch fillet on a nettle spinach and the house specialty ‘Brandenburg Grilled Duck with Creamed Savoy, Apple and Hash Browns’. That second pike-perch dish is no less good than the first one and the crunchy nettle brings an unusual yet wonderful taste to the spinach. Nevertheless, the duck is the real deal. We couldn’t stop the ‘mmmmh’s and ‘aaaah’s. Truly delicious!

From the fresh bread opening to the grand finale starring the unforgettable vanilla cream with blueberries in cassis, everything was so good we left with a big christmas reservation and two wine bottles of the house’s own horcherwinery.

We will probably return much sooner though, maybe have dinner on their terrace on a mild summer night while observing the typical Kreuzberg hustle and bustle.

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Altes Zollhaus – Regional since the very beginning
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