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Look Beautiful — Online Store for Luxurious and Effective Natural Cosmetics

Donnerstag, 18. Mai 2017


+ 49 30 259 349 33

While researching my all-time favourite hair care line Rahua and the all purpose creme Egyptian Magic, I came across the online beauty store Look Beautiful a few months ago. I’ve discovered more and more incredible beauty products made of 100% all natural ingredients since, and become a real fan in the meantime.

The sustainability, naturalness, and quality of everything the team at Look Beautiful includes in their range is carefully tested beforehand. Ultimately, only a brand’s most effective products will be included in the exclusive assortment, whereby each individual product is personally tested. "Without trade-offs!" the Berlin team assures me as we get to know each other.

Only the most valuable formulas and ingredients are offered at Look Beautiful and are guaranteed to be not only all-natural, but effective. According to the passionate team, the more love and skill that go into a product, the larger its impact on beauty and wellness.

I think that makes sense. And their approach is reflected in their selection. For no brand will they offer every product- only the ones that have truly won over the Look Beautiful team. Sometimes that means only a single highlight, like Argan Oil Cosmetics’s hair oil, sometimes more, like the English skin care label Cloud 9’s five multiple award-winning cremes and gels.

Making sure that every customer feels all-around better and more beautiful is of utmost concern to the Look Beautiful team. Since personally meeting them, I know that their resolution isn’t just an empty promise. The way their eyes light up when they talk about face, skin, and hair care speaks for itself.

The countless beauty sets are put together with the same zeal, reflecting various themes through names such as "Get the Glow", "Green Detox Cure", and "Royal Skincare". They bring together products by LR Wonder, Teatox, Le Specs, Egyptian Magic, Foreo, and ILA Spa in order to achieve the best possible results. Each of the adorably packed sets also includes a booklet with expert tips and 2-3 complimentary samples of luxury products.

Comprehensive information on ingredients, application, and anything else of noteworthiness is available for each individual item on Look Beautiful’s online shop, as well as details of each brand’s philosophy. Everything is so wonderfully transparent that I feel well-informed even without a consultation. — Have I piqued your interest? Then on to beauty and wellness >>

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