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In what has become a convoluted market, creme guide offers a selective, solidly distinguished selection of both regional and national lifestyle topics, among them unusually beautiful venues- from restaurants and cafes to shops and travel destinations, aesthetic objects, and interesting people. Our partners are currently active in Berlin, Hamburg, Kopenhagen, Zürich, Wien, and München, where they present the best of their local attractions respectively and together that of national prominence. Their names are personally tied to every single article, thus guaranteeing a consistently high and authentic standard.

The guide is a top-quality online magazine that intentionally forgoes classic, disruptive banner advertisements and provides its readers with a clear, straightforward structure that increases the pleasure in reading and shortens the time needed to find the sought out information to a minimum. We regard honesty and authenticity as indispensable traits in order to remain credible. We only reveal what we hold to be remarkable and what we believe can enthuse and inspire others. If it doesn’t wholeheartedly impress us, it won’t find its way onto this site.

Lisa Quarg
Editor in Chief Munich

The city on the river Isar runs under the direction of Lisa Quarg. Albeit not a born Bavarian herself, she feels more at home than ever in Munich. After a longstanding detour to Zurich, the PR counsellor and writer has returned to the city she calls home. Her mission is to discover and introduce new favourite spots to natives, newcomers and passing travellers. Finding the right words for atmospheres, tastes and scents to intrigue readers is as much fun to her as her ongoing quests through the Isar metropolis. She receives additional support from Munich-born communication scientist Elke Böhm.

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