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Saint Charles PharmacyTender Healing

Thursday, February 20, 2014
Opening Times

Monday til Friday 8.00-19.00
Saturday 9.00-16.00

Address SAINT CHARLES Apotheke
Pariser Straße 20
10707 Berlin-Wilmersdorf
How to get there
+49 30 887 25 300

I can’t recall what it was exactly that drew my into SAINT CHARLES pharmacy on Pariser Straße for the first time. I stopped before the window display and caught myself peering into the depth of a very special pharmacy.

Inside, the shelves disclosed scented candles by Neom as well as cosmetic products by beauty line “The OrganicPharmacy”, usually available at Quartier 206 and the Hotel de Rome’s spa only. Celebrities have been advocating their organic beauty products for years - reason enough to take a closer look inside.

One thing is for sure: this pharmacy is about more than just handing out sprays and pills. Right by the entrance, you’re welcomed by an old samowar awaiting customers with freshly brewed tea. Natural care products and little naturopathic miracles are stacked along the walls. The staff is patient and courteous and overall there’s an unusually pleasant atmosphere.

In the process of continuous refinement in their Vienna main laboratories, and available only there and in Berlin, the store’s own brand SAINT especially caught my eye. The product range includes teas, bath supplements and shower gels, as well as room scents, seasonal products and their very own house punch. A peptic herbal and spice mix goes right into my shopping bag.


SAINT CHARLES pharmacy aims at holistic and permanent healing and well-being that doesn’t just come and go to cure a single symptom. They focus on century-old European herbalism, homeopathy and spagyric, as well as bio-identical hormone therapies and colon cleansing. This specific procedure entails preliminary examinations by a professional as well as hypoallergenic probiotics that rebalance our “center of well-being”.

However, the first step to any treatment is a thorough consultation. Special visiting hours are available for each medical concern, and there’s a ‘Hideaway Spa’ for the occasional indulgence of body and soul.

Pharmacist Sabine Zeeck is the owner and a strong proponent of holistic health. With this pharmacy, she realized her dream of combining a traditional apothecary with contemporary pharmaceutics. Completing that picture obviously involves the issuing  of conventional medicine as well. Anything is justifiable in moderation!

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Saint Charles Pharmacy - Tender Healing
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